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Crowdfunding platform

Our crowdfunding platform will host medical and renewable energy projects that can be funded directly through the platform. Newton crowdfund platform will focus on research projects that will benefit people around the world.

Each project that seeks funding will follow a protocol (detailed below) to list on the Newton Coin crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding protocol:

Each project will be required to submit all research team members' identities and credentials to be verified by host institution. In addition, each project will be required to submit a hypothesis (testable question), a budget, a projected time of completion, and which supplies and reagents will be required to carry out the research.

NCP Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will review the project, the research team, supplies and reagents needed, and the projected timeline of completion. Within 3-5 working days of an applicant's' submission, SAC will provide constructive feedback in the event the submission is not approved.

Each approved research project is assigned an NCP wallet address where all donations and funding are sent. Individual projects will set their funding goal and deadline for funding when applying for listing on the crowdfunding platform. On the project information page there will be a progress bar for tracking how close the project is to reaching its funding goal and the time remaining. Projects that do not meet their funding goal may submit a request for an extension and/or to be funded directly by NCP science wallet.

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NCP Crowd Funding Project

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